Canberra Genetic Counselling
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Canberra Genetic Counselling is Canberra’s first private genetic counselling service. We offer individuals, couples and families personalised genetic assessments and support.
Common assessment and support services we provide include: preconception genetic counselling and screening; genetic counselling for advanced maternal age (35yrs and older); coordination of prenatal testing and/or screening in pregnancy - including non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT); interpretation of genetic test results and counselling about their implications; and individualised risk assessments for known genetic conditions in a family.
Services provided during a consultation frequently include the taking of a detailed family history, discussion of modes of inheritance, genetic risk assessment and the discussion of available genetic testing and screening options.  We also provide supportive counselling to help individuals, couples and families adjust to a new diagnosis or cope with unexpected genetic test results.
Please note: 
Patients may be referred on to a clinical geneticist should they require medical management or certain diagnostic services. 

At this time our fees do not have a Medicare rebate and are not covered by major health funds.